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Accessories for softwall + softblock

softwall + softblock are freestanding on their own and so the accessories below are optional for additional functionality. Please ask for more information on any of the accessories that you are interested in.


Additional Information


sughero + bande, sughero + dischi, dischi in acciaio, piccolo piedistallo in acciaio, piedistallo in acciaio, bande in acciaio, foglio, clips, vaso in vetro, felt handles


150 x 40mm (6″ x 1.5″) cork pegs (set of 2) + steel strip 300 x 70mm (11.75″ x 2.8″), steel disc 165mm (6.5″) Ø, piccoli diametro 165mm, medio diametro 300mm, grande diametro 350mm, 38mm diametro interno 75mm altezza, 38mm diametro interno 300mm fondamento 75mm altezza, piccolo – pezzi da 300mm 300 x 70mm (11.75″ x 2.8″), medio – per 1800mm softwall 1800 x 70mm (71″ x 2.8″), grande – per 2440mm softwall 2415mm x 70mm (95″ x 2.8″), 510mm ampio x fino a 4270mm, 950mm ampio x fino a 4270mm, magneti piccoli 13 x 6mm (0.5″ x 0.25″), magneti grandi 3 x 25mm (0.12″ x 1″), 180 x 40mm (7″ x 1.5″), 216 x 305mm (8.5″ x 12″)

Materiale + colore

naturale sughero con magneti acciaio bianco, acciaio bianco, mylar/acetato – trasparente, carta – marrone naturale, acciaio bianco clips magneti, vetro trasparente, feltro di lana – grigio


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